Melbourne Cup 2014 made us reminisce of Melbourne Cup 2013, where we partnered up with local charity EAMON'S GIFT.

Little Eamon Reeves was born with microtia and atresia, without an ear canal and outer ear. His parents, together with a group of friends, founded Eamon's Gift to raise funds to give Eamon the gift of hearing by sending him to the USA for surgery.

A year on, little Eamon has travelled there twice, first to surgically create an ear canal and then to create an outer ear.

All is healing well and Eamon's hearing and speech is improving daily. Please visit their facebook for more pics & details (click here)

Thank you to Eamon's family for allowing us to be part of this amazing story and a very big thank you to everyone who came to our Melbourne Cup luncheon in 2013! 

Your raffle ticket purchases, Calcutta bids and generosity made this possible. Thank you!!